Young Nails Synergy Gel


Young Nails Synergy Gel is technically advanced and easy to use, it delivers superior adhesion and strength and virtually no heat transfer.

Base - clear, medium viscosity, self leveling.

Flex - clear, thin viscosity, self leveling builder gel. Made for quick, effective application. Flexible for ability to bend and move with everyday use.

Build & Build Pink - thick viscosity, self leveling builder gels perfect for creating the body of a nail.

Clear Sculptor - non-leveling clear sculpting gel. Great for free edges, mixing glitters and reverse application smile lines.

Frosted Pink - self leveling opaque pink gel.

Frosted Pink Sculptor - non leveling opaque pink gel.

Concealer Pink - non leveling opaque pink gel.

White Sculpture - thick self leveling super white sculpting gel.

French - bright white, thick viscosity, non-leveling.

Gloss - self leveling high shine gel, tacky layer needs to be wiped away.