Light Elegance Buttercream - Debut Collection

Light Elegance Buttercream - Debut Collection

Creamy smooth and opaque application in a single thin coat. Use without agitation for fine line art work or agitate to reduce product viscosity and get a super smooth application that stays exactly where you apply it. Super tacky inhibition layer is perfect for foiling.

UV 2 mins. LED 30 secs.

Available in a collection or individually. Available in 5ml tubs in the following colours.

Grade A (green), I Melt For You (red), Your Churn (pink natural), Sweet Cream (pink), Butter Me Up (purple), Udder Perfection (natural)

  • Light Elegance Disclaimer

    LE products are for sale to trained nail technicians. Orders will be filled for those who can show evidence of nail products training.