Light Elegance Bonders 15ml

Light Elegance Bonders 15ml


VitaPrime is an acid based primer that is infused with Vitamin E. Use VitaPrime on the natural nail for those clients where nothing else works to prevent lifting and increase the performance of gel and acrylic systems.

Light Elegance Tack (formerly Bonder) is used to increase adhesion to the natural nail and nail tips and now cures in both UV and LED lamps. Tack is an acid free product that acts like a primer for the nail. It has a great bonding power that also is able to hide lift-lines and can prime a glue-on tip without etching. Tack is a necessary item for full-sets and is recommended for fills on clients who have weak nails.

Power Bond UV/LED Bonding Base Coat is formulated with advanced UV/LED resins, Power Bond not only sticks better and holds longer, it hides fill lines and ridges, providing the perfect foundation for your perfect enhancement.